William SAIDI

William SAIDI

Age 28 years old (07/02/1991)
Weight 148 lb (67 kg)
Height 5 feet 11 inch (181 cm)
Styles K-1, Muay thai, Kick boxing
Level Professional
Manager William VARNIER
Nationality France


  • WCTS World Title -153 lb (-69.5 kg) K-1
  • ICO European Title -140 lb (-63.5 kg) Kick boxing


Result Style Video Opponent Event
WinKO 4R KB Giacomo LICHERI The Night Of Iron Fighter11/16/2019
WCTS World Title -153 lb (-69.5 kg)
WinDecision KB Cyril YESSAD Simply The Boxe 1004/06/2019
MT Fabien SEGHIRI Show Fight 106/04/2016
LossDecision KB Franck REOUTZKOFF Simply The Boxe - Space Edi…04/23/2016
WinAbandon 2R MT Anthony GAZEL Le Choc des Titans 1403/19/2016
LossDecision KB Lam WELLS Multi Fight Night 202/06/2016
WinDecision KB Sofiane HAOUD Championnats de France06/12/2015
WinDecision KB Cyril ABBAS Simply The Boxe04/18/2015
LossDecision MT Daniel MANZONI La Nuit des Guerriers03/14/2015
DrawDraw KB Vang MOUA Fight Night Round II06/14/2014
WinDecision KB Cédrick PEYNAUD Simply The Boxe04/12/2014
LossKO 1R KB Eddy NAIT SLIMANI Simply The Boxe04/12/2014
WinDecision KB Eddy TEFFAHI Les Guerriers du Ring12/14/2013
LossDecision MT Hamza HANDALA Final Fight05/25/2013
WinDecision KB Fabien TOLEDANO Nuit de la Boxe Thaï III02/02/2013
(corner stoppage)
KB Joao BALBEIRA Choc Des Guerriers10/27/2012
ICO European Title -140 lb (-63.5 kg)
LossDecision KB Hirachidine SAINDOU Boxe05/19/2012
WinKO 1R KB Matthew THEWLIS Choc Des Guerriers11/26/2011

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