Wendell ROCHE

Wendell ROCHE

Age 49 years old (04/13/1971)
Weight 209 lb (95 kg)
Height 6 feet (183 cm)
Styles K-1, Kick boxing, Muay thai
Level Professional
Club/Gym Van Os Gym
Nationality Netherlands


  • Enfusion World Title -198 lb (-90 kg) K-1


Result Style Video Opponent Event
LossDecision KB Donegi ABENA A1 World Combat Cup05/13/2017
LossTKO 2R Steven BANKS Phoenix 204/29/2017
LossKO 1R KB Frenky PAWLAK Noc Goralskich Wojownikow08/24/2014
WinTKO 2R KB Christian BRORHILKER Enfusion Live07/12/2014
LossTKO 2R KB Andrew TATE Enfusion Live London06/29/2014
Enfusion World Title -198 lb (-90 kg)
LossDecision KB Daniel SAM Enfusion Reality - Search f…09/17/2013
LossDecision KB Sam TEVETTE Enfusion Reality - Search f…09/12/2013
WinDecision KB Moises RUIBAL Enfusion Live07/13/2013
Enfusion World Title -198 lb (-90 kg)
LossDecision KB Jasmin BECIROVIC Enfusion 3: Trial of the Gl…12/02/2012
LossDecision KB Danyo ILUNGA 5. Merseburger Fight Night09/08/2012
LossTKO 2R KB Daniel GHITA K1 Rising 201205/27/2012
LossDecision Frederic SINISTRA La Nuit du Kick Boxing02/18/2012
LossDecision KB Frank MUNOZ Enfusion Quest for Honor - …12/30/2011
LossDecision KB Erhan DENIZ Superkombat World Grand Pri…10/15/2011
WinTKO 3R KB Marian BARYLA Superkombat World Grand Pri…10/15/2011
LossDecision KB Franci GARJS Enfusion - Trial Of The Gla…08/17/2011
WinDecision KB Jake BOSTWICK Enfusion - Trial Of The Gla…08/12/2011
LossDecision 4R KB Yuksel AYAYDIN It's Showtime05/14/2011
LossDecision KB Gokhan SAKI GLORY: Round Two "Semi-Final"03/19/2011
LossDecision KB Danyo ILUNGA It's Showtime03/06/2011
It's Showtime World Title -209 lb (-95 kg)
WinDecision 4R KB Ramazan RAMAZANOV Enfusion Kickboxing Tournam…02/05/2011
LossDecision KB Ondrej HUTNIK Enfusion Kickboxing Tournam…02/01/2011
KB Andonis TZOROS It's Showtime in Athens12/11/2010
LossDecision KB Dzevad POTURAK Sarajevo Fight Night 210/29/2010
WinAbandon 2R KB Stefan LEKO GLORY: Round One "Selection"10/16/2010
LossDecision KB Bjorn BREGY It's Showtime04/17/2010
LossDecision KB Luca PANTO OKTAGON03/13/2010
LossDecision KB Errol ZIMMERMAN Ultimate Glory 11- A decade…10/17/2009
WinDecision KB Rustemi KRESHNIK It's Showtime08/29/2009
LossDecision KB Tomas HRON Gladiators Games06/25/2009
WinDecision KB Jasmin BECIROVIC OKTAGON03/14/2009
WinDecision KB Rick VAN SOEST K-1 Max Nederland: The Fina…02/17/2008
WinDecision KB Ginty VREDE Gala Top Team10/21/2007
LossDecision KB Hesdy GERGES Rings "Risky Business"09/23/2007
WinDecision MT Roger PINAS The Art Of Muaythai04/07/2007

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