Doesn't fight anymore


Age 41 years old (07/17/1978)
Weight 170 lb (77 kg)
Height 5 feet 9 inch (175 cm)
Styles K-1, Muay thai
Level Professional
Club/Gym Universalgym
Nationality Belgium


  • WFCA World Title


Result Style Video Opponent Event
LossDecision KB Hafid EL BOUSTATI Enfusion11/02/2019
LossTKO 3R KB Joseph VALTELLINI Glory 6 - Istanbul04/06/2013
LossTKO 2R KB Nieky HOLZKEN Glory 2 Brussels10/06/2012
LossDecision KB Robin VAN ROOSMALEN It's Showtime: The Farewell…01/28/2012
LossDecision KB Chris NGIMBI It's Showtime Brussels: Fas…09/24/2011
LossDecision KB Chris NGIMBI It's Showtime in Athens12/11/2010
It's Showtime World Title -154 lb (-70 kg)
(3 knockdowns)
KB Enriko KEHL Mix Fight Gala X10/09/2010
LossDecision KB Artur KYSHENKO It's Showtime05/29/2010
WinDecision KB William DIENDER IT'S SHOWTIME in Barneveld11/21/2009
WinTKO 1R KB Chahid OULAD EL HADJ IT'S SHOWTIME in Lommel10/24/2009
WinTKO 2R KB Brian LO-A-NJOE It's Showtime05/16/2009
WinTKO 1R KB Gago DRAGO It's Showtime02/08/2009
WinDecision KB Perry UBEDA It's Showtime Eindhoven11/29/2008
LossTKO 2R KB Tarik EL IDRISSI Tough is Not Enough10/05/2008
LossTKO 3R KB Chahid OULAD EL HADJ Gentleman Fight Night part 505/24/2008
LossDecision KB Yoshihiro SATO K-1 World Max 2008 Final 1604/09/2008
DrawDraw KB Faldir CHAHBARI It's Showtime: Finale Troph…03/15/2008
WinKO 2R KB Satoruvaschicoba K-1 World Max 2007 10/03/2007
WinTKO 1R KB Joeri MES K-1 WORLD GP 2007 in AMSTERDAM06/23/2007
DrawDraw KB Salahdine AIT NACEUR Fights At The Border V03/24/2007
WinKO 1R KB Albert KRAUS K-1 World Max 200702/05/2007
(doctor stoppage)
MT Ray STARING Pride & Honor11/12/2006
WinTKO 3R KB Fikri TIJARTI K-1 WORLD GP 2006 in AMSTERDAM05/13/2006
WinDecision Abdil BOUKARI WFCA Thai-kickgala 02/03/2006
LossDecision Faldir CHAHBARI Time For Action11/13/2005
WinTKO 2R MT Roland VOROS Thaiboxing Gala09/25/2005
LossDecision KB Gago DRAGO It's Showtime 806/12/2005
WinKO Melvin ROZENBLAD Queens Fight Night04/30/2005
WinKO 1R MT Nadir LARECHT Fights At The Border III12/11/2004
WinDecision Janos SZENASI Thaiboxing Gala02/28/2004
WinKO 3R Anthony BASSNETT WFCA World Championship10/19/2003
WFCA World Title

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