Doesn't fight anymore


Age 35 years old (11/19/1984)
Weight 143 lb (65 kg)
Height 5 feet 9 inch (175 cm)
Styles Muay thai, K-1
Level Professional
Nationality France


  • WKA Europe Title -141 lb (-64 kg) Muay thai


Result Style Video Opponent Event
LossDecision MT Benjamin DESNOS La Nuit Des Challenges 1702/04/2017
WinInjury 3R KB Mickael GERARD K1 Fight Tournament10/29/2016
WinDecision 4R KB Tarek GUERMOUDI K1 Fight Tournament10/29/2016
LossTKO 5R MT Anthony GAZEL La Nuit de la Boxe11/21/2015
LossDecision KB Marc DASS REY King of the Ring IX09/26/2015
LossDecision MT Jim BRAZZALE Lion Belt 504/04/2015
LossAbandon 3R MT Jim BRAZZALE Kings of Muaythai 503/29/2014
LossDecision MT SÄNGNAPPA Röschtigraben Derby 201310/26/2013
WinDecision MT Jonathan FABIAN Invencibles05/11/2013
WKA Europe Title -141 lb (-64 kg)
LossKO 1R MT Mohamed GALAOUI Lion Belt Fight Night 302/23/2013
WinDecision MT Mobarek ZAAD Lion Belt Fight Night 302/23/2013
LossKO 2R KB Julien SOUVE Stars night01/26/2013
WinDecision KB Tarek GUERMOUDI Stars night01/26/2013

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