Doesn't fight anymore


Age 39 years old (05/20/1981)
Weight 143 lb (65 kg)
Height 5 feet 8 inch (172 cm)
Styles Muay thai
Level Professional
Club/Gym Gym boxing St Fons
Manager NASSER
Nationality France


  • Championnat de Belgique -148 lb (-67 kg) Muay thai2006


Result Style Video Opponent Event
LossDecision MT Yacine MAHILLON Shooto Belgium 412/15/2007
WKN National Title -140 lb (-63.5 kg)
LossDecision MT Yacine MAHILLON Tournoi Eight to One à Peru…11/10/2007
LossDecision MT Mamadou DIABIRA Championnat de France : finale04/28/2007
FMDA National Title -140 lb (-63.5 kg)
WinDecision MT Anis KAABOURI Championnat de France : 1/2…03/17/2007

1/2 finale championnat de France FMDA
WinKO 1R MT Shiprim BEGA Thailande VS Europe11/04/2006
Championnat de Belgique -148 lb (-67 kg)
LossTKO 4R MT Gilbert Thaiboxing Gala09/25/2005
LossDecision MT Olivier TCHETCHE Muay Thai03/06/2004
WinKO 3R MT Gaetano URSO Thai-Kick02/08/2004
LossDecision MT Jérôme DELAGE The Best of the Best11/15/2003
WinDecision MT Jacob VANMEENEN Le Choc Des Nations - La Nu…04/06/2002

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