Cotton Venum kimono

This premier Kimono was built with BJJ's expert's needs in mind.

We wanted it to be the highest end product it could be!

"Absolute" BJJ GI is built to the highest quality and craftsmanship but also with cutting edge style and detailing.

Heavier than the "Competitor" GI," Absolute GI" is very resistant with its reinforced gold weave stitching and hard collar allowing an absolute durability.

This product is 100% High quality cotton allowing a full comfort during tough trainings and competitions.

Absolute BJJ Gi gets an amazing style with all of its logos fully embroidered.

You?ll be seduced by all the details like the snake heads printed in the inner collar.

This GI is the only one to get the red Absolute label inside the jacket which represents our best range of BJJ GI!

The "Absolute" GI have been especially chosen and used by BJJ legend, Rodolfo Vieira (3X BJJ World Champion, 4X World Pro Cup Champion, 2X Pan Amercian Champion).

  • Gold Weave.
  • New patch and embroidery designs.
  • Triple stitched across all stress points.
  • Suitable for professional use.
  • Very comfortable.
  • All logos are Fully Embroidered.
  • Reinforced chest and collar panels for superior combat performance.
  • Sizes available: A1/A1.5/A2/A2.5/A3/A4.
  • Sizing:
  • A1: -165cm

Brand: Venum

SKU: VEN-0590

Material: cotton

Shipping Weight: 7 lbs (3.000 kg)


Shipped from France FRA

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Shipping Weight:7 lbs (3.000 kg)
Delivery costs:US$ 63.30
Delivery costs:Product Size: 20 x 30 x 15 cm