Vuyisile COLOSSA wins WMC I-1 Muaythai Grand Xtreme

By , Wednesday December 21, 2011

Vuyisile COLOSSA (South Africa) and his opponents Ilya GRAD (Israel) and Pavlos KAPONIS (Greece) talk about their fights in Hong Kong.

Pavlos KAPONIS: "Vuyisile is definitely one of the best muay Thai fighter in the world. Very good timing, combining speed and power with accuracy. Knowing my opponent, my plans were to destroy his rhythm and to surprise him with my power.

The 1st round was easy, I tried to collect points and to know him better, he was strong but I was able to handle it.

Everything changes in the second round. An illegal blow (I was on the ground) cut me very badly above the eye! No excuse, I had to be ready even when I was on the ground, but everything changes after. I was very upset about that, the doctor said "stop" but no way for me, I didn't want to give up. Vuyisile had advantage I was bleeding a lot and he found a way to make my cut bigger and forced the doctor to stop the bout again with one more blow when I was on the ground... I think he was in the mood for MMA... Next time I will be more ready, I am going to work on my defense when I am on the ground !

Thanks master Kim for the invitation in I-1 tournament and Vuyisile for this tough fight, I look forward to a rematch !"

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Ilya GRAD: "In semi finals I was draw against M-100 Sitpolek from Thailand. The Thai replaced Antoine on short notice and wasn't fully prepared for the tournament. I was very fit and strong coming to the ring and controlled the match from the start. I won the match by decision without carrying too many injuries on to the final where I was to face Vusi Colossa, who also came very fit and determined to win the title in his city of residence, Hong Kong.

Colossa is undoubtedly one of the strongest opponents in 72kg in the world today. It was an honor and a big milestone for my career to fight him. The fight went really well for me, I kept my guard high and when I got hit I never showed any sign of weakness and kept moving forward. I feel that I was lacking a little more "clean shots" to win the fight and thus, more experienced Colossa won the fight by decision. Nevertheless I'm proud of my performance in proving once again that I can stand head to head with the best fighters in the world today.

Many thanks to I-1 promoters who invited me to participate in the prestigious tournament, to Phuket Top Team who got me as ready as possible for the competition and nothing but love to my fans and friends who always got my back."


Vuyisile COLOSSA interview


MUAYTHAITV: How did you defeat your opponents ?

Vuyisile COLOSSA: Kaponis, I just over powered him and won by TKO on the second round!

With Grad, it was a very hard fight because he was so tall and he has long limbs. I couldn't KO him because of that and again heis one of the good fighters coming up.

You were the favourite of the tournament. Were you confident of winning ?

I think I was this time around but I had to confidently secure all the fights by perfoming better.

What do you think about your year 2011 ?

It was a very good year for me: being in The Challenger Muaythai and winning WMC M.A.D. belt and I-1 belt , what a a wonderful year !

2012 ?

My aims for the next year is to get more belts ! Now I am just relaxing. Next fight in January 2012 !


Jason WOODHAM, in a Super Fight, defeated SANTICHAI by split decision.

Jason WOODHAM: "My fight with Santichai was a big one for me as I was coming off a couple of losses from the Challenger Muaythai. This was my first fight back at my normal fight weight 67kg max. So for me I really wanted to prove to myself and the world I am strong at this weight,

Santichai is a tricky fighter so I just stayed very close to him and piled on the pressure each round, catching him a couple of times with heavy right hands which knocked him back hard. But generally I just did more work each round to take the fight.

I loved the WMC I-1 event, best event I fought on so far, very well organised and we got taken care of very well.

Lastly i woul dlike to thank Lamaimuaythaicamp and my sponsors fightlife bionutrics and MTG"



WMC I-1 4-man tournament:

  • Semi final: Vuyisile COLOSSA (South Africa) defeats Pavlos KAPONIS (Greece) by TKO round 2
  • Semi-final: Ilya GRAD (Israel) defeats M-100 Sitpolek (Thailand)by unanimous decision
  • Final: Vuyisile COLOSSA (South Africa) defeats Ilya GRAD (Israel) by unanimous decision

WKBC Hong Kong Title Bout:

  • Ho Kwok Keung defeats Fan Yuen Fai by unanimous decision


  • Teelek P Samranchai defeats Valdet GASHI (Germany) by unanimous decision
  • Jason WOODHAM (England) defeats Santichai Or Boonchuay (Thailand) by split decision
  • Lo Kit Fung (Hong Kong) defeats Choong Yen Meng (Malaysia) by unanimous decision
  • Chatsamai Swish (Thailand) defeats Yoddenchai Sitpholek (Thailand) by TKO round 2