Videos and results : SUPERKOMBAT WGP Botasani

By , Sunday September 29, 2013

5 TKOs out of 8 fights in this SUPERKOMBAT WORLD GRANX PRIX which was held in Botosani (Romania). Suriname's D'Angelo MARSHALL won the heavy weight tournament defeating Gaetan SAUTRON and Giannis STOFORIDIS by TKO. Benjamin ADEGBUYI and Andrei STOICA won their superfight.

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Tournament Semifinals

  • +96 kg: Dangelo Marshall (Surinam)
 defeats Gaetan Sautron (France) by TKO in extra-round


  • +96kg: Giannis Stoforidis (Greece)

 defeats Leroy Johnson (USA) by TKO in round 2



Tournament Final:

  • +96: D'Angelo Marshall defeats Giannis Stoforidis by TKO in round 3

Super Fights:

  • + 96 kg: Benjamin Adegbuyi (Romania)
 defeats Reamon Welboren (Netherlands) by unanimous decision


  • -65 kg: Ionuţ Atodiresei (Romania)
 defeats Calogero Palmieri (Italy) by unanimous decision


  • -95 kg: Andrei Stoica (Romania)
 defeats Dzenan Poturak (Bosnia&Herzegovina) by TKO in round 2


  • -95 kg: Dănuţ Hurduc (Romania)

 defeats Vanni Fae (Italy) by TKO in round 1


  • -91 kg:  Cristian Ristea (Romania) defeats Romelleo da Silva (Brazil) by unanimous decision