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France vs. Lumpinee

By , Tuesday November 2, 2010
Details of the event:
On Friday 29 October 2010
Salle Japy
2, Rue Japy
75011 Paris

Last Friday night it was the first time ever the Lumpini belt was defended outside of Thaïland. This historic event took place in France, in Paris, with a unprecedented France vs. Lumpinee during which Abdallah MABEL tried to take the belt to SAIYOKE (-71 kg).


Photos : Jipy Thai Jp


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Abdallah MABEL vs. SAIYOKE


And Lumpinee won. Only Rémy PARIOT, for France, defeated his opponent. He KOed ADEJ P Kantasa in the 2nd round with a big punch in the stomach. The crowd booed a bit, maybe baffled by the extremely youthful appearance of ADEJ (he is offically 19 years old but really looks 14 !)

Raouf BELIOUZ couldn't do anything against FAHMAI who always moved forward and didn't stop attacking BELIOUZ from the first to the last second. FAHMAI inflicted countless straight knees to the Frenchman who finished exhausted having to defenf his skin dearly.

François CHARLES hurt his foot in the first round. One of his kick landed up on THANASAK's elbow and when he blocked few seconds later THANASAK's kick with his sore foot CHARLES fell down grimacing in pain. TKO, end of the fight.




The bout between Ozkul YETKIN and RUNGRAVEE made the spectators discover an impressive fighter. RUNGRAVEE is a block. The blows seem to have no effect on him. He is very compact and YETKIN seemed unable to damage his opponent. Moreover RUNGRAVEE has the most powerfull kicks you have ever seen ! Every kicks had a taste of destruction, and you were terrified just with its sound. The Thaï has even an eye for effect, he showed off at the end of the fifth round and celebrated his victory with a back-flip.


When the fight for the Lumpinee belt started the spectators were expecting a thrilling bout. But unfortunately it wasn't equal to our expectations. MABEL seemed tense and he will confess us later he was really stressed by what was at stake and didn't manage to show what he is actually able to do. MABEL's attitude was very different than when he fought against Farid VILLAUME (he defeated brilliantly the one who was regarded as one of the best thaïboxers in the world and who fought against SAIYOKE for the Lumpini belt as well). Basically he didn't have a go and didn't seize the opportunity. SAIYOKE content himself with the minimum needed to beat his opponent, just being a notch above. The fight wasn't really exciting and the spectators even booed at times. SAIYOKE was logically declared the winner what accentuated thus the Thaï victory over the French.


SAIYOKE keeps his belt