BUAKAW at the Phoenix Muay Thai

Buakaw Por Pramuk

By , Monday June 5, 2006
Present in Paris (France) for a fight against Mourad SARI on the 26/05/2006, the Thai BUAKAW POR PRAMUK visited the Muay Thai Phoenix club (Farid VILLAUME's gym) located in the 13th district of Paris (Chinatown), to train a bit and stay fit.

Arrived on the 22nd of April in the morning, the Thai team composed of SAMKOR and BUAKAW had scheduled a cardio training: footing on the grass at the halle Carpentier stadium first, then morning a gentle training was scheduled on Tuesday. But instead of these exercises, some stayed asleep.

On the Tuesday afternoon, the star of the K-1 came to the training room as a simple «nak muay».
Young fighters there couldn’t believe their eyes. The star was identified within a second.

Was he there for someone? Was he going to pose for some pictures and then leave the rrom ? Did he come just to check how it is in Muay Thai clubs in France?
None of those assumptions were right! He was really going to train with them all day long.

All of a sudden, in and out were from the dressing room to the training room were continuous: everybody was getting his mobile phone to take pictures.
The training usually starts at 6.00 pm but that day it began later on because pictures kept being taken.

After dressing himself, BUAKAW moved as if he was fighting against shadows to warm up a bit.

Then he started sandbag punching launching some of his famous Tei sai /Tei kwa (middle right and left) punctuated with some Tei Kha (low kick). At this moment, there were about twenty-five pairs of eyes staring at each of his moves.

The question raised was the following one: was he going to train alone and leave the training room as Thai coming there usually do, or was he going to train with the students, exchange punches with them and advise them?
He went further than what the students expected, he engaged a fight quite naturally with a young boy from the club. He fought for four rounds to warm up while playing.

As everyone knows, fighters develop their maximal power while training against paos. And when one of the fighters has a bigger power in his legs, this exercise draws the full attention of all fighters.

When BUAKAW came in the centre of the ring to begin the exercise, not even one fighter continued to train without keeping an eye on the Thai champion.

After some adjustments, Hassan GAYE seemed perfectly at ease with the K1-Max king, there has been no wrong movement. Mr Por PRAMUK junior (the son of the Manager) even asked the champion to perform some acceleration.

Power and speed were outstanding...
After this exercise, Mamadou DIABIRA a very young class A fighter practiced law kicks with the Thai champion. Very warmly, he explained his actions every time he judged it necessary. By the way, he made a technical explanation about the use of Tip (fronts kicks) in a fight.

BUAKAW Por PRAMUK finally gave an interview toe web site’s journalists that will be disclosed in the next Muay Thai Mag. (only in French yet - here is the access for Mags summaries)

At the end of this interview, he came back for the last time in the room to take a group picture. It is consequently natural that almost all club members’s attended his fight in Bercy.

Results of Bercy Great Tournament (on the 26th of May)

¼ of final
  • Frederic SINISTRA wins against Abdul MALIK
  • Stéphane GOMIS wins against Pierre Célestin YANA
  • Mohamed MAGOMEDOV wins against KALENDA
  • Igor JUKOVITCH qualifies himself after his opponent forfeited

Framing fights
  • Wilfried MONTAGNE wins by points against SAMKOR

½ of final
  • Igor JUKOVITCH wins against Frederic SINISTRA
  • Mohamed MAGOMEDOV wins against Stéphane GOMIS

Framing fights
  • SAMIR « le petit prince » wins by points against Kamel DJAMEL

Framing fights
  • Mourad SARI and Buakaw POR PRAMUK scored equal

  • Igor JUKOVITCH wins against Mohamed MAGOMEDOV

Text: Yann Saulnier
Pictures: Michel Lecorre
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