Age 34 years old (03/18/1985)
Weight 160 lb (72.5 kg)
Height 5 feet 12 inch (182 cm)
Styles Muay thai, K-1, Savate, Kick boxing
Level Professional
Nationality France


  • WPMF European Title


Result Style Video Opponent Event
WinDecision MT Mark HEGEDUS Extreme Fight For Heroes 612/01/2018
LossDecision MT Lotfi TALBI Ervis Bici Fight Night08/12/2018
LossTKO 1R MT Marc DASS REY NFC Show Fight Arena 207/28/2018
WinKO 3R MT Anas EL ABBOUBI Gala Du Phenix Muaythai06/23/2018
WinTKO 2R KB Cyril YESSAD Fight06/09/2018
WinKO 1R MT SINGNAPA EFC Ultimate Fight Night04/14/2018
LossDecision KB Wilson VARELA Louna Boxing03/24/2018
WinDecision KB Christian BERTHELY Louna Boxing03/24/2018
LossDecision KB Mickael PIGNOLO Stars Night02/24/2018
LossKO 1R KB Vlad TUINOV Partouche Kickboxing Tour10/19/2017
WinDecision KB Dino KACAR Partouche Kickboxing Tour10/19/2017
WinDecision KB Salamou DZHAMALKHANOV Battle Of Saint-Raphael09/09/2017
LossKO 2R MT Juri KEHL Fighters 3 - The Way Of The…06/03/2017
AFSO World Title -154 lb (-70 kg)
LossDecision MT Mickael PALANDRE Ultimate Fight 303/11/2017
WinDecision MT Norbert SPETH Stars Night02/11/2017
WPMF European Title
DrawDraw MT Dany NJIBA Les Princes de Salm IV11/19/2016
DrawDraw MT Dany NJIBA Wicked One Duel09/17/2016
LossTKO 3R KB Walid HADDAD Le Choc des Gladiateurs07/23/2016
WinKO 2R KB Mohamed MAHFOUD Partouche Kickboxing Tour06/10/2016
WinTKO 2R KB Geisym DEROUICHE Xeme Trophée des Etoiles05/21/2016
LossDecision MT Jimmy VIENOT Stars Night02/13/2016
LossDecision KB Fares ZIAM Boxe10/03/2015
ISKA Europe Title -160 lb (-72.5 kg)
LossDecision 4R KB Edouard BERNADOU Partouche Kickboxing Tour07/18/2015
WinTKO 1R KB Ilyes MOUNEM La Nuit des Gladiateurs06/26/2015
WinDecision KB Yahya TAMDI IXeme Tophée des Etoiles05/23/2015
LossDecision KB Philippe SALMON Simply The Boxe04/18/2015
LossDecision MT Kamel MEZATNI Lion Belt 504/04/2015
WBC European Title -160 lb (-72.5 kg)
WinTKO 2R KB Julien SOUVE Stars Night02/21/2015
LossDecision MT Ruben LEE International Fight Show12/06/2014
WinKO 1R KB Stephane BECSANGEL Fight 4 Glory III10/11/2014
LossDecision KB Johny TANCRAY Le Choc des Gladiateurs XIII07/26/2014
LossDecision MT Toufik ESSARAHOUI Les Arts du Respect06/27/2014
WinTKO 3R MT Emmanuel HORTA-TAVARES Final Fight05/17/2014
WinDecision MT Cédric COLOMBO Final Fight05/17/2014

Tournoi Rumble Cup
WinDecision KB Enrique BONIN Fight Night One04/12/2014
LossDecision MT Kaiss NAJM Lion Belt Fight Night 403/08/2014
LossDecision KB Thibault REY World GBC Tour 602/15/2014
WinDecision MT Dimitri BESSON Siam Fight10/26/2013
LossDecision KB Antonio GOMEZ TK2 World Max 201309/28/2013
LossDecision Steeve VALENTE Le Choc des gladiateurs XII07/20/2013
LossDecision MT Wendy ANNONAY Carcharias06/28/2013
WinDecision Mustaf KICAJ Art of Fighters06/01/2013
LossDecision KB Mohamed BEN ALI Championnat d'Europe K1 Rules04/27/2013
WinDecision MT Marc FEREIRA Gala Muay Thai03/10/2013
WinDecision MT Morgan ADRAR Lion Belt Fight Night 302/23/2013
WinTKO 3R MT Mahfoud NAFI La Nuit Des Titans 02/02/2013
LossDecision MT Francisco MATOS Swiss Las Vegas Final Chall…12/16/2012
LossTKO 4R MT Mickael PISCITELLO A1 WCC Muay Thai11/20/2012
WinKO 2R KB Jean-Philippe GARCIA F-1 World Max Tournament 201210/27/2012
LossDecision KB Laurent DEBONO La Nuit des Gladiateurs06/22/2012
WinDecision KB Sophien HASSI Gala du phenix Muaythai 4è…06/09/2012
LossTKO 3R MT Marcin PARCHETA Gala Muay Thai - Polska vs …05/19/2012
LossDecision KB Guga KARTUELI K1 rules K1 Japan05/12/2012
WinDecision MT Crice BOUSSOUKOU Final Fight05/05/2012
LossDecision KB Johann FAUVEAU Explosion Fight Night Volume 504/07/2012
LossDecision KB Johane BEAUSEJOUR HMT : le choc des villes02/18/2012
LossDecision MT Wendy ANNONAY Lion Belt 201202/11/2012
LossDecision KB Abderahmane AIT SAID TK2 World Max 2011: Fight C…10/15/2011
LossDecision MT Toufik ESSARAHOUI Gala du phenix Muaythai 3è…07/02/2011
LossDecision MT François AUBERTELLE Les Rois du Rings05/21/2011

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