Doesn't fight anymore


Age 42 years old (08/21/1977)
Weight 154 lb (70 kg)
Height 5 feet 10 inch (177 cm)
Styles Muay thai, K-1, Shoot boxing
Level Professional
Club/Gym Legacy Gym
Nationality Denmark


  • IMTC World Title -154 lb (-70 kg)
  • IKF European Title -165 lb (-75 kg)


Result Style Video Opponent Event
LossKO 1R KB Giorgio PETROSYAN Giorgio Petrosyan vs Ole La…03/02/2013
LossTKO 3R KB Jiri ZAK Eight Brawl06/14/2008
LossDecision Virgil KALAKODA Rumble Of The Kings 200805/31/2008
LossKO 1R KB Andy SOUWER K1 World Max 2007 World Tou…06/28/2007
KB Masato K-1 World Max 200704/04/2007
LossTKO 2R
(referee stoppage)
KB BUAKAW Banchamek K-1 World Max North Europea…11/24/2006
WinDecision 4R KB Jean-charles SKARBOWSKY K-1 Scandinavia 2006 World …05/20/2006
LossDecision KB Gago DRAGO K-1 World Max 2006 - World …04/05/2006
LossKO 2R MT Farid VILLAUME La Nuit des Superfights III01/14/2006
LossDecision KB Foad SADEGHI SuperLeague Heavy Knockout …10/22/2005
LossDecision Ali GUNYAR SuperLeague Turkey 200509/24/2005
LossDecision José REIS Super League Austria04/09/2005
LossKO 3R SB Hiroki SHISHIDO Shoot Boxing Ground Zero01/23/2005
WinKO 3R MT Kamal EL AMRANI Super League10/23/2004
LossKO 1R SB Andy SOUWER Shoot Boxing World Tourname…09/19/2004
WinDecision MT Fadi MERZA Super League05/22/2004
LossDecision MT Gregory SWERTZ Super League03/20/2004
LossDecision MT NUENTRAKARN Por.Muang Ubon S1 World Championships (Rajadamnern)03/04/2004
WinDecision MT Fadi MERZA Super League12/06/2003
(corner stoppage)
Peter CROOKE Super League09/27/2003
LossDecision Shane CHAPMAN Super League05/10/2003
LossDecision KB JOMHOD Kiatadisak K-1 Scandinavia Grand Prix …03/15/2003
WinDecision Imro MAIN VF3 - Rumble in the West02/15/2003
WinKO 2R MT Faisal ZAKARIA King's Birthday12/05/2002
WinKO 1R MT Florin VINTILA King's Birthday12/05/2002
LossDecision 4R KB Duane LUDWIG K-1 World MAX 2002 USA03/15/2002
WinKO 1R KB Jason JILLIAN K-1 World MAX 2002 USA03/15/2002
WinKO MT BM Sasiprappa Warriors Cup Of America10/12/2001
MT KONGNAPA Warriors Cup 306/03/2001
IMTC World Title -154 lb (-70 kg)
WinDecision MT KHUNPON Dechkampu Warriors Cup 202/25/2001
IMTC World Title -154 lb (-70 kg)
WinDecision MT Eval DENTON IKF Night of Champions06/29/2000
IKF European Title -165 lb (-75 kg)

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