Nordin BEN MOH

Nordin BEN MOH

Weight 154 lb (70 kg)
Height 5 feet 11 inch (180 cm)
Styles K-1, Muay thai
Level Professional
Club/Gym Universal Gym
Nationality Morocco


  • WFCA World Title


Result Style Video Opponent Event
? KB Milan PALES Enfusion11/02/2019
LossDecision KB Mouhcine CHAFI Real Fighters07/06/2019
WinDecision KB Abdelnour ALIKADA Enfusion05/04/2019
WinTKO 4R KB Maycon OLLER Fight Night03/16/2019
WFCA World Title
LossKO 3R KB Davit KIRIA Kunlun Fight 7710/14/2018
LossDecision KB Jonay RISCO Enfusion09/15/2018
Enfusion World Title -154 lb (-70 kg)
WinDecision KB Sergei KULIABA Kunlun Fight 7508/05/2018
LossDecision KB Endy SEMELEER Enfusion05/12/2018
LossDecision KB Anatoly MOISEEV Kunlun Fight 7104/01/2018
WinDecision KB Albert KRAUS Enfusion 5th Anniversary02/17/2018
LossDecision 4R KB SUPERBON Banchamek Enfusion Live12/08/2017
WinDecision KB Marvin MONTEIRO Enfusion Live12/08/2017
WinDecision KB Diogo NEVES Enfusion Live09/30/2017
LossKO 2R KB Tayfun OZCAN Fightsense presents Enfusio…04/29/2017
WinDecision KB Mohammed JARAYA Enfusion Live02/18/2017
WinDecision KB Crice BOUSSOUKOU Enfusion League11/20/2016
WinDecision KB Serginio KANTERS Enfusion Live09/17/2016
LossKO 2R KB Mohammed JARAYA Enfusion Live02/27/2016
WinDecision KB Crice BOUSSOUKOU Enfusion Live12/19/2015
WinKO 1R KB Sergio SANCHEZ Enfusion Live10/10/2015
Win KB Cedric MANHOEF A1 World Combat Cup Platinium05/16/2015
WinDecision Edson FORTES Enfusion Live04/04/2015
WinTKO 1R Paul JANSEN Enfusion Live04/04/2015
WinKO 1R KB William DIENDER Fight Night 1st Edition - E…03/14/2015
WinDecision KB Mohamed SOUANE Enfusion Live12/21/2014
LossKO 1R KB Harut GRIGORIAN A1 World Combat Cup09/20/2014
WinDecision KB Steven JONIS A1 World Combat Cup09/20/2014
WinTKO KB Robbie HAGEMAN A1 World Combat Cup09/20/2014
WinTKO 1R KB Collin MANSUR A1 World Combat Cup05/17/2014
WinTKO KB Lohrand SACHS Force Et Honneur03/09/2014
WinKO 1R KB Rachid BELAINI Night of the Champs01/25/2014
DrawDraw KB Harut GRIGORIAN Battle Royal Gent11/16/2013
WinTKO 1R KB Edson FORTES N-1 Challenge Fight Night06/01/2013
WinAbandon 3R KB Cenk CANKURTARANOGLU Maxpain03/30/2013
WinAbandon 2R KB Abdel EL FAKIRI Fight Night VIII03/09/2013
WinKO 1R KB Redouan KOUBINI Thaiboxing02/09/2013
LossKO 1R KB Andy RISTIE Glory 2 Brussels10/06/2012
WinTKO 3R KB Tayfun OZCAN Cobra Night06/10/2012
WinKO 3R KB Angelo WILKENS Fight Night 803/17/2012
WinDecision KB Alessando CAMPAGNA United Fight Night10/15/2011
WinTKO 2R KB Morgan ADRAR Superpro Fightnight06/25/2011
WinDecision KB Edgard NZUNGA The Night of the Talents06/05/2011
WinKO 1R MT Ibrahim CHIAHOU Night of the Champions02/05/2011
WinDecision KB Angelo WILKES Fight Night 502/21/2009

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