Ludivine LASNIER

Ludivine LASNIER

Age 34 years old (05/30/1985)
Weight 115 lb (52 kg)
Height 5 feet 3 inch (160 cm)
Styles K-1, Muay thai
Level Professional
Club/Gym Shark Boxing
Nationality France


  • ISKA World Title


Result Style Video Opponent Event
? MT Inês CALADO Night Of Sifight 212/14/2019
WinDecision MT Juliette LACROIX C-Fight IX06/22/2019
LossDecision KB Silvia LA NOTTE Night Of Si'Fight 112/01/2018
WAKO World Title -110 lb (-50 kg)
LossTKO KB Sonia DINH Fight Legend10/27/2018
WinDecision MT Yolande ALONSO Spirit Boxing Show 211/04/2017
LossDecision KB Fadma BASRIR Triumph Fighting Tour06/22/2017
LossDecision KB Silvia LA NOTTE Meaux Fight VI03/25/2017
LossTKO 2R MT Amy PIRNIE Yokkao 19 & 2010/08/2016
LossDecision MT Maria LOBO Radikal Fight Night 405/21/2016
LossDecision MT Soraya BUCHERIE Le Choc des Légendes03/05/2016
WinDecision KB Daniela VARI MFC 207/04/2015
WinDecision KB Sara FALCHETTI La Nuit Des Titans06/06/2015
ISKA World Title
WinDecision KB Ruqsana BEGUM World Title Fight03/14/2015
ISKA World Title

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