Lahoucine IDOUCHE

Lahoucine IDOUCHE

Age 32 years old (05/12/1987)
Weight 148 lb (67 kg)
Height 5 feet 10 inch (178 cm)
Styles Muay thai, K-1, Muay thai kard chuek
Level Professional
Club/Gym Lumpini muay thai beuvrages
Manager Abdel Hadj
Nationality France



Result Style Video Opponent Event
WinTKO 5R MT Vincent BERGAMME Extreme Fight For Heoes 711/24/2019
WinKO 2R MT THERAWAT Pumpanmuang Unkind Fight Série10/12/2019
LossDecision MT Mathieu TAVARES Ultimate Thai 603/30/2019
WinAbandon 3R MT Anthony GAZEL Warriors Night03/09/2019
LossAbandon 4R MT Dany NJIBA Hurricane Fighting 406/10/2017
LossDecision KB Ludovic MILLET Partouche Kickboxing Tour 303/04/2017
LossDecision MT Anthony GAZEL Hurricane Fighting 206/26/2015
AFMT Muay thai National Title -148 lb (-67 kg)
LossDecision MT Jamal WAHIB Thai Boxing Showtime06/13/2015
WinTKO 2R MT Fady BOU ABBOUD Boxe Thaïlandaise Revelations05/23/2015

1/2 finale championnat de France AFMT
WinDecision MT SANGJUN Sor Sor Nawat Max Muay Thai05/03/2015
LossDecision MT Mohamed SOUANE Max Muay Thai05/03/2015
WinDecision MT DAO Angkan Por.Borirat Choc des Mondes04/11/2015
LossKO 2R MT SANGJUN Sitsae Nate Max Muay Thai03/01/2015
WinDecision MT Sabri SADOUKI Faubourg Actif 611/29/2014
LossKO MT Serhiy ADAMCHUK Le Choc des Mondes06/07/2014
LossDecision MT Jimmy VIENOT Thai Boxing Showtime 505/24/2014
WinDecision MT Sabri SADOUKI Warriors Night04/04/2014
WinDecision MT ROCK Pattaya Kombat Faubourg Actif 511/23/2013
WinDecision MT Wilfried MONTAGNE La Nuit des Défis10/11/2013
LossKO 1R MT SUDSAKORN Sor Klinmee Thai Fight Kard Chuek07/14/2013
WinKO MT Kazbek ZUBAREV Thai Fight Kard Chuek06/15/2013
WinKO 2R MT Emanuele LO IACONO Thai Fight Kard Chuek06/01/2013
LossDecision MT SUPER-X Por.Petchnamchai La Nuit des revanches05/04/2013
DrawDraw MT PAYAKDAM Mor.Phuvana Le Choc des Mondes03/16/2013
LossTKO 2R MT Arman HAMBARYAN Gala Internationnal Force e…02/09/2013
LossDecision MT PETCHSURYA King's Birthday12/04/2012
LossKO 1R MT Itay GERSHON Gala international de Boxe …04/28/2012
WinDecision KB Elias AHARRAM Gala internaionnal France -…02/04/2012
WinKO 2R KB Geoffrey THEYS France vs Suisse & Belgique12/17/2011
LossDecision MT Bobo SACKO Gala de Muay Thaï10/29/2011
WinKO 5R MT Amadou BA Mix Fight05/19/2011
WinTKO 3R MT Olivier TCHETCHE Gala Laïdouni Muay Thaï04/10/2011
WinDecision KB Allan GOZDZICKI GLORY: Round Two "Semi-Final"03/19/2011
WinTKO 4R MT Elias AHARRAM Gala de boxe thaï05/30/2010
LossKO 3R MT Chris SHAW International Thai Boxing04/25/2010
LossTKO 2R MT Hamza RAHMANI The Night of PHOENIX03/20/2010

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