Gabriel VARGA

Gabriel VARGA

Age 34 years old (05/16/1985)
Weight 143 lb (65 kg)
Height 5 feet 10 inch (178 cm)
Styles K-1, Kick boxing, Muay thai
Level Professional
Club/Gym Studio 4 Athletics
Nationality Canada


  • Glory World Title K-1
  • WKN World Title -142 lb (-64.4 kg) Kick boxing


Result Style Video Opponent Event
WinDecision KB Cristian FAUSTINO Bellator10/12/2019
WinKO 1R KB Shan CANGELOSI Bellator Kickboxing 1112/01/2018
WinTKO 1R KB Kevin ROSS Bellator Rome07/14/2018
LossDecision KB Tie YINGHUA Glory Of Heores02/03/2018
WinTKO 2R KB Roberto GHEORGHITA Bellator12/09/2017
WinDecision KB Lu YICHEN Hero Legends06/25/2017
KB Gabor GORBICS Bellator Kickboxing 604/14/2017
LossTKO 4R KB Robin VAN ROOSMALEN Glory 34 Denver10/21/2016
KB Serhiy ADAMCHUK Glory 32 Virginia07/22/2016
Glory World Title
WinDecision KB Liu WEI Hero Legends01/16/2016
LossDecision KB Serhiy ADAMCHUK Glory 2511/06/2015
Glory Featherweight World Title
WinDecision KB Mosab AMRANI Glory 2004/03/2015
WinDecision KB Shane OBLONSKY Glory 17 Los Angeles06/21/2014
WinDecision KB YODKHUNPON Sitmonchai Glory 17 Los Angeles06/21/2014
WinDecision KB Jose PALACIOS Glory 11 Chicago10/12/2013
LossDecision KB Yuta KUBO Glory 8 Tokyo05/03/2013
WinDecision KB Abdellah EZBIRI Glory 8 Tokyo05/03/2013
WinDecision KB Lerdsila CHOUMPAIRTOUR K-1 Rising 201209/08/2012
WinKO 3R KB Roy TAN Fight for a Dream09/24/2011

WKF World Title
WinDecision KB Yoan HA VAN World Championship Kick Boxing03/12/2011
WKN World Title -142 lb (-64.4 kg)
WinDecision Xiao JIE Canada vs China01/08/2011
LossDecision MT Terrence HILL Take-On Productions07/17/2010
WinDecision MT Justin GRESKIEWICZ Friday Night Fights02/19/2010
WinDecision MT Omar AHMED The New York Showdown II12/12/2009

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