Age 41 years old (03/08/1978)
Weight 161 lb (73 kg)
Height 5 feet 11 inch (180 cm)
Styles Muay thai, K-1
Level Professional
Nationality Austria


  • WKA World Title
  • WKA European Title


Result Style Video Opponent Event
WinKO 1R KB Gianfranco CAPRUSO FFC 1612/06/2014
LossDecision KB Foad SADEGHI Fight Night05/24/2014
WinKO 1R KB Andrea GALLONE Fight Night02/22/2014
LossDecision KB Fernando CALZETTA Benefiz Boxgala05/04/2013
WKA World Title
WinKO 1R KB Ivan TOSKOVIC Fight Night02/23/2013
WinKO 2R KB Jason WOODHAM Vendetta VI12/08/2012
WinDecision KB Mohammed EL-MIR Fight Night09/29/2012
WKA World Title
WinTKO 2R KB Darko DELIC OPBU Weltmeisterschaftstitl…06/30/2012
WKA World Title
WinDecision KB Dan BALSEMAO Fightnight The Revenge05/16/2012
WKA World Title
LossDecision KB Mike ZAMBIDIS Iron Challenge04/28/2012
KB Yoshihiro SATO Krush 1602/17/2012
ISKA World Title -159 lb (-72.3 kg)
LossDecision MT Cédric MULLER The Challenger Muay Thai, O…09/17/2011
WinKO 1R KB Imre GYAMARTI Premium Fight Night04/30/2011
LossDecision KB Ali GUNYAR A1 World Combat Cup04/09/2011
WinTKO KB Michal HALADA Ring Of Honor, NBB202/05/2011
WinDecision KB Joakim KARLSSON X3 League01/22/2011
WKA World Title
WinKO 1R Istvan SZUCS Ultimate Cage Fighter 412/04/2010
WinDecision KB Alessandro IACONO Die Nacht Der 809/25/2010
WinDecision KB Bachir MAROUN Steko's Fight Night08/25/2010
WKA World Title
DrawDraw Anthony «Kabouter» KANE Vienna Fight Night06/05/2010
WinTKO 3R KB Krisztian JASZKA Ultimate Cage Fighters 305/08/2010
KB Baker BARAKAT S-8 Thaiboxing Wuppertal04/03/2010
LossDecision KB Vladimir MORAVCIK Gala Night Thai Boxing03/20/2010
WinKO 3R KB Fabrice RICONNEAU Dinner & Box03/06/2010
WinDecision KB Luca D'ISANTO ISKA World Title02/07/2010
WinDecision MT Enriko KEHL King's Birthday12/05/2009
LossDecision Aalviar LIMA KlasH European Elimination10/31/2009
LossDecision MT Tobias ALEXANDERSSON Battle Of Sweden II09/26/2009
WinKO 1R MT Rico RECINEU Fight on Height09/19/2009
WinKO 1R MT Ümüt DEMIRORUS Fight on Height09/19/2009
MT Joakim KARLSSON Battle Of Sweden03/28/2009
WinDecision Odjeh MANDA Knock Out Fight-Night02/22/2009
WinKO 4R MT Filip RZADEK Europe VS Thailande01/17/2009
LossDecision MT Abdoul TOURE Contenders Qualification: S…11/14/2008
? KB Laurent SACHS Lords Of The Ring10/19/2008
MT Muhammed GUR Swiss Las Vegas 308/02/2008
WinDecision Vasily SHISH Fight Night04/20/2008
LossTKO 4R
(corner stoppage)
MT NARUPOL Fairtex Slamm: Nederland vs Thailand 403/02/2008
WinDecision Mark VOGEL Knock Out01/27/2008
WinDecision KB Bartosz KOSCIELNIAK Swiss Las Vegas 212/15/2007
LossKO 3R MT Abdallah MABEL Janus Fight Night11/24/2007
LossDecision MT SAMRANCHAI 96Peenang One Night in Bangkok10/27/2007
WinDecision Olli KOCH KlasH II07/21/2007
WinDecision Youssef AKHNIKH Vienna Fight Night06/16/2007
WinDecision Omar AMRAMI Swiss Las Vegas05/12/2007
LossDecision Aalviar LIMA Super League Elimination 200605/13/2006
LossDecision MT Sahin YAKUT Super League Apocalypse 200603/11/2006
WinDecision José REIS Super League01/28/2006
WinKO 2R MT Florin VINTILA Superleague Portugal11/19/2005
WinDecision KB Petr POLAK SuperLeague Heavy Knockout …10/22/2005
WinDecision Kamal EL AMRANI SuperLeague Turkey 200509/24/2005
WinDecision Malaipet SASIPRAPA SuperLeague Turkey 200509/24/2005
WinDecision Peter CROOKE SuperLeague Germany 200505/21/2005
LossDecision Sahin YAKUT Super League Austria04/09/2005
LossDecision Ray STARING Vienna Fight Night11/14/2004
WFCA World Title
WinDecision MT Thomas HLADKY Super League10/23/2004
LossDecision MT Olé LAURSEN Super League05/22/2004
MT John WAYNE PARR Super League03/20/2004
LossDecision MT Kamal EL AMRANI Vienna Fight Night III01/25/2004
IKBO World Title
LossDecision MT Olé LAURSEN Super League12/06/2003
WinDecision Akeomi NITTA Super League09/27/2003
WinDecision Takahiko SHIMIZU Super League05/10/2003
WinDecision Bjorn MARIEN Vienna Fight Night10/27/2002
LossKO 5R Nadir LARECHE Fighting Party09/08/2002
Mohammed OUALI Vienna Fight Night05/24/2002
WKA World Title
WinTKO 2R Eugene VALERIO Vienna Fight Night05/2001
WKA European Title

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