Age 38 years old (11/01/1981)
Weight 148 lb (67 kg)
Height 5 feet 9 inch (175 cm)
Styles Muay thai, K-1
Level Professional
Club/Gym Fairtex
Nationality France


Result Style Video Opponent Event
WinDecision KB Meng GUODONG Wu Lin Feng06/29/2019
WinDecision MT YODPANOMRUNG Jitmuangnon One Championship09/22/2018
LossTKO 2R
(doctor stoppage)
MT PETMORAKOT Wor Sangprapai One Championship06/23/2018
WinDecision MT CHOKCHAI Pran 26 Max Muay Thai03/18/2018
LossDecision 4R MT Valentin THIBAUT Max Muay Thai08/20/2017
WinKO 3R MT NUMKABUAN Kiatnavy Max Muay Thai07/02/2017
WinDecision MT Abdoul TOURE Max Muay Thai07/02/2017
WinDecision MT PALANGNUM Phuketairport Max Muay Thai05/28/2017
WinTKO 2R MT Guillaume PASCAL Max Muay Thai World Champion02/26/2017
WinDecision MT Luka BAR Max Muay Thai World Champion02/26/2017
WinDecision MT Luke BAR Max Muay Thai01/08/2017
WinDecision MT Mohamed GALAOUI Max Muay Thai01/08/2017
LossDecision MT Ibrahim CHIAHOU WICKED ONE Tournament #306/16/2013

Finale Wicked One Tournament 2
WinDecision MT Herbert WOMALEU WICKED ONE Tournament #204/14/2013
LossKO 2R
MT Hamza RAHMANI WICKED ONE Tournament #204/14/2013
WinAbandon 3R MT Karim LOVAL Best Of Siam 302/14/2013
WinDecision MT Baghdad KHARBOUCHI Best Of Siam 211/22/2012
LossDecision MT Hugo MAS Finales du Championnat de F…04/07/2012
FFSCDA National Title -148 lb (-67 kg)
WinDecision MT Aziz RAFAI 1/8 de finale du Championna…01/14/2012
(referee stoppage)
MT Francesco CERASUOLO Muay Thai Trophy : 5ème é…12/17/2011
LossDecision MT Bertrand LAMBERT Eliminatoires IDF11/12/2011
LossDecision MT Bobo SACKO Finales Championnat Nationa…05/28/2011
FMDA National Title -148 lb (-67 kg)

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