Age 26 years old (05/20/1993)
Weight 148 lb (67 kg)
Height 5 feet 9 inch (176 cm)
Styles Muay thai, K-1
Level Professional
Club/Gym Team NAS-R K.
Manager Nasser Kacem
Nationality France


  • WAKO World Title -147 lb (-66.8 kg)
  • WAKO PRO World Title -140 lb (-63.5 kg)


Result Style Video Opponent Event
LossDecision KB Sorin CALINIUC SAS Gym Fight06/13/2019
WinTKO 2R MT PHETPRAJAK Sor Jor Somsak La Nuit Des Challenges12/15/2018
DrawDraw MT Pavel GRISHANOVIC Hearts On Fire11/17/2018
LossKO 4R MT Rafi BOHIC Best Of Siam XII (Lumpinee)02/27/2018
Lumpini Title -147 lb (-66.7 kg)
LossDecision KB Qiu JIANLIANG Glory Of Heroes12/23/2017
WinDecision KB Giga CHIKADZE Glory Of Heroes12/23/2017
WinDecision KB Massaro GLUNDER Glory 47 Lyon10/28/2017
LossDecision KB Serhiy ADAMCHUK Glory 42 Paris06/10/2017
LossTKO 4R KB SITTICHAI Sitsongpeenong Glory 39 Brussels03/25/2017
Glory World Title
WinDecision KB Hysni BEQIRI Glory Collision12/10/2016
WinDecision KB Anatoly MOISEEV Glory Collision12/10/2016
WinDecision MT MANAOWAN Sitsongpeenong La Nuit Des Challenges 1610/22/2016
LossDecision MT BUAKAW Banchamek Kunlun Fight 5309/24/2016
WinKO 2R MT Roman BABAEV Fight Night08/04/2016
WinDecision KB Aleksei FEDOSEEV Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters06/24/2016
WAKO World Title -147 lb (-66.8 kg)
LossDecision MT SENSATARN Sor Suradej Capital Fights05/19/2016
WMC World Title -147 lb (-66.6 kg)
WinKO 2R KB Philippe SALMON Nuit des Champions 201511/14/2015
LossDecision KB Makihira KEITA K1 World GP07/04/2015
WinDecision KB SITTICHAI Sitsongpeenong Kunlun Fight 2405/02/2015
LossDecision KB SITTICHAI Sitsongpeenong Victory12/13/2014
DrawDraw MT SENSATARN Sor Suradej Topking World Series11/15/2014
LossDecision KB AEKPRACHA Meenayotin Kunlun Fight 1110/05/2014
WinDecision KB Seyedisa ALAMDARNEZAM Kunlun Fight 707/27/2014
LossDecision MT AEKARIT Mor Krungthep Thonburi Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters06/14/2014
WMC World Title -140 lb (-63.5 kg)
WinAbandon 3R MT Amine ATTALHAOUI Championnat du Monde de Box…04/12/2014
WAKO PRO World Title -140 lb (-63.5 kg)
LossDecision MT Victor NAGBE Max Muaythai - The Final Ch…12/10/2013
LossDecision MT Liam HARRISON The Main Event11/02/2013
LossDecision MT JINGREEDTONG Seatransferry Max Muay Thai Japan10/06/2013
WinDecision MT Yuya YAMATO Max Muay Thai Japan10/06/2013
LossDecision MT KEM Sitsongpeenong Millenium Team Fight09/07/2013
WBC World Title -154 lb (-70 kg)
WinDecision KB Erkan VAROL A105/31/2013
LossDecision MT KEM Sitsongpeenong Max Muay Thai05/06/2013
WinDecision MT KAEW Fairtex Warriors Night03/02/2013
WinTKO 4R MT Hafed ROMDHANE A1 WCC Muay Thai11/20/2012
WinTKO 1R MT SAIYOK Pumpanmuang Roschtigrabe Derby10/20/2012
WinTKO 2R MT Sidi KOITE Thai Fight Lyon09/19/2012
WinDecision MT Soloman WICKSTEAD Thai Fight King Of Muay Thai08/17/2012
WinTKO 1R MT Angelo CAMPOLI La Nuit Des Challenges 1106/02/2012
WinKO 3R MT Mhand BOUKKEDIM King of the Ring05/05/2012
Loss MT Alessio D'ANGELO International Fight Show 201112/10/2011
WinKO 2R MT Chaweng Stadium02/2010

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