Age 30 years old (09/05/1989)
Weight 126 lb (57 kg)
Height 5 feet 9 inch (174 cm)
Styles Muay thai, K-1, Kick boxing
Level Professional
Nationality France


  • WAKO European Title


Result Style Video Opponent Event
WinDecision MT Mike ASTARITA Nuit Des Guerriers 303/02/2019
LossKO 2R KB Emidio MOLINARI Thai Fight Rome04/21/2018
WAKO European Title
WinKO 2R MT DAOPASUK Sitmonchai Kings Of Muay Thai 1211/11/2017
WinDecision KB Noureddin HAZRETH King Of The Ring 604/22/2017
LossKO 3R MT DAOPASUK Sitmonchai Emperor Chok Dee02/04/2017
LossAbandon 2R KB Olivier MORIANO Partouche Kickboxing Tour06/10/2016
WinDecision KB Pawel STAPNIEWSKI King Of The Ring 504/09/2016
WAKO European Title
WinDecision KB Kévin ROUFFLE King of the Ring 404/25/2015
WinTKO 4R MT Hamza MERDI Emperor Chok Dee01/31/2015
WinDecision MT King's Birthday12/04/2014
WinForfait MT Ahmed MIMOUNI La Voie des champions06/08/2013
WinDecision MT Kevin ROULON 1/2 Finales Championnat De …03/23/2013
LossKO 2R MT Albert Veera CHEY Explosion fight night 611/17/2012
LossDecision MT Michal KOLIK Gala Muay Thai - Polska vs …05/19/2012
LossTKO 3R MT Amine KACEM King of the Ring05/05/2012
LossDecision MT Gaylord MONTIER Kings of Muay Thai 2: Diffe…02/11/2012
WinKO 2R MT King's Birthday12/05/2011
LossTKO 3R MT AbdelOuahab YALMANI Les Rois du Rings II02/27/2010
LossAbandon 4R MT Said YOUB Direct des Droits round 201/30/2010
LossDecision MT PETERTHAI Song Sanglaa King's Birthday12/04/2009
WinDecision MT Mohamed BOUCHAREB Championnat de France de Mu…06/11/2009
LossDecision MT AbdelOuahab YALMANI Boxe Thailandaise05/30/2009
WinInjury MT CHAIYONG Chanthahong France VS Thaïlande05/02/2009
LossDecision MT Gaylord MONTIER La Nuit Du Siam 502/28/2009
WinKO 2R MT Jamel AKENTAIOU Les Rois du Rings01/17/2009

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