Age 29 years old (01/03/1990)
Weight 132 lb (60 kg)
Styles K-1, Kick boxing
Level Professional
Club/Gym AJSR Saint Raphael
Manager Badri ROUABHIA
Nationality France


  • WKN International Title -135 lb (-61 kg)
  • ISKA World Title -132 lb (-60 kg)


Result Style Video Opponent Event
WinDecision KB Kelly DANIOKO Battle Of Saint-Raphael 709/14/2019
WinDecision KB Irem AKIN Le Choc Des Gladiateurs07/20/2019
LossDecision KB Anaëlle ANGERVILLE Master Fight05/18/2019
LossDecision KB Naoil TITA The Diamond 303/30/2019
DrawDraw KB Anaëlle ANGERVILLE Stars Night02/23/2019
WinDecision KB Vittoria DI MAURO Menton Boxing Stars01/19/2019
LossKO 1R KB Jorina BAARS World Fighting League09/22/2018
WinDecision KB Ruby MESSU Battle Of Saint-Raphael 609/15/2018
LossDecision KB Anissa MEKSEN Glory 53 Lille05/12/2018
Glory World Title
WinDecision KB Ilona WIJMANS La Nuit Des Titans03/17/2018
WinDecision KB Lizzie LARGILLIERE Nuit Des Gladiateurs 901/13/2018
WinDecision KB Cathy MCALEER Battle Of Saint-Raphael09/09/2017
LossDecision KB Tiffany VAN SOEST Glory Collision12/10/2016
WinDecision KB Isis VERBEEK Glory Collision12/10/2016
WinDecision KB Ji-Waen LEE Glory 35 Nice11/05/2016
WinDecision KB Paola CAPUCCI Stars Night02/13/2016
WinDecision KB Veronica VERNOCCHI Battle of Saint-Raphael 309/12/2015
WKN International Title -135 lb (-61 kg)
WinDecision KB Ielö PAGE World GBC Tour 802/07/2015
WinDecision KB Lucie MUDROCHOVA World GBC Tour 802/07/2015
WinDecision KB Marisa PIRES World GBC Tour 710/04/2014
WinKO 1R KB Marta BRANAS BLANCO The Battle of Saint-Raphael06/15/2013
WinDecision KB Paola CAPUCCI Urban Boxing United 201305/18/2013
WinDecision KB Maria PANTAZI Urban Boxing United 201305/18/2013
WinDecision KB Fatima ADIB Nuit des Champions 201211/24/2012
WinDecision KB Ielö PAGE F-1 World Max Tournament 201210/27/2012
WinDecision KB Bernise ALLDISS Urban Boxing United 201205/19/2012
ISKA World Title -132 lb (-60 kg)
WinDecision Priscilia MARQUEZ F-1 World Max Tournament 201110/01/2011
WinDecision KB Luisella MACCIONE Grand Gala De Boxe06/18/2011
Win KB Houria LAALIOUI 1/2 Finales Championnat De …04/02/2011
WinDecision KB Valérie DOMERGUE Championnat de France de Ki…02/26/2011
WinDecision KB Irina MAZEPA All Stars07/16/2010

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