Age 27 years old (06/25/1992)
Weight 148 lb (67 kg)
Height 5 feet 8 inch (173 cm)
Styles K-1, Kick boxing
Level Professional
Club/Gym KO Gym
Nationality Romania


  • AFSO Intercontinental Title -157 lb (-71 kg) Kick boxing
  • WKN Intercontinental Title -168 lb (-76.2 kg) Kick boxing


Result Style Video Opponent Event
LossDecision KB Jonathan MAYEZO Stars Night02/22/2020
WinDecision KB Mohammed EL-MIR OSS Fighters02/08/2020
LossDecision KB Akam TARAGEH Mix Fight Championship12/07/2019
WinDecision KB Saro PRESTI OSS Fighters 0408/22/2019
KB Edye RUIZ SAS Gym Fight06/13/2019
WinDecision 4R KB Cristian MILEA OSS Fighters 0302/28/2019
WinDecision KB Isteri MITAT Dynamite Fighting Show12/14/2018
LossDecision KB Tayfun OZCAN Enfusion10/27/2018
WinTKO 3R KB Waldemar WIEBE Dynamite Fight Show07/05/2018
WinDecision KB Simon MENDES Colosseum Tournament - Rise…04/20/2018
WinDecision KB Yuri GENTILE Colosseum Tournament - Batt…02/23/2018
LossKO 1R KB Armen PETROSYAN Bellator12/09/2017
ISKA World Title -154 lb (-70 kg)
WinTKO 2R KB Ivan NACCARI Colosseum Tournament IV: Vi…10/16/2017
WinKO 3R KB Tim MULLER Colosseum Tournament - Lege…07/14/2017
AFSO Intercontinental Title -157 lb (-71 kg)
WinDecision KB Jordan VALDINOCCI Colosseum Tournament06/17/2017
LossDecision KB Giorgio PETROSYAN Oktagon Torino - Bellator K…04/08/2017
WinDecision KB Chris NGIMBI Superkombat11/12/2016
LossDecision KB Chris NGIMBI SuperKombat10/01/2016
WinKO KB Rangel IVANOV Superkombat World Grand Pri…07/30/2016
KB Anouar LAHMAJ Superkombat New Heroes06/25/2016
KB Cristian MILEA Superkombat World Grand Prix05/07/2016
WinKO 1R KB Alkid FARRUKU Superkombat12/12/2015
LossDecision KB Chnuyu ZHANG Kunlun Fight 3310/31/2015
WinDecision KB Giannis SKORDILIS Superkombat Final Elimination10/02/2015
WinTKO 1R KB Hirachidine SAINDOU Superkombat World Grand Pri…05/23/2015
LossDecision KB Elam NGOR Enfusion Live04/18/2015
WinDecision KB Julian IMERI Superkombat03/07/2015
WinDecision KB Liu HAINAN Kunlun Fight 1902/01/2015
WinKO 2R KB Kong LINGFENG Kunlun Fight 15 & 1601/03/2015
WinKO 2R KB David CALVO Kunlun Fight 15 & 1601/03/2015
WinKO 1R Riccardo LECCA SuperKombat World Grand Pri…11/22/2014
LossDecision KB Maxime CERRI World GBC Tour 710/04/2014
WinDecision KB Madalin CRACIUNICA Superkombat World Grand Prix08/02/2014
WinDecision KB Julien SOUVE Battle of Saint Raphael 206/27/2014
WinDecision Rangel IVANOV Superkombat World Grand Pri…05/24/2014
Cedric MANHOEF SuperKombat New Heroes03/29/2014
Win KB Lello PEREGO La Nuit des Titans11/24/2013
WKN Intercontinental Title -168 lb (-76.2 kg)
WinTKO 2R KB Mohamed BEN ALI SuperKombat World Grand Pri…11/09/2013
WinAbandon 1R KB Alexandru POPESCU Golden League XVII10/12/2013
WinDecision KB Angelo WILKES A1 World Combat Cup05/11/2013
(doctor stoppage)
KB Alin SPAN Local Kombat12/07/2012
WinTKO 2R KB Marius CIOCIRLA Provocarea Marilor Orase - …09/22/2012
KB Alin SPAN The Body Guard Special Forces05/04/2012
WinDecision KB Flavius PREDOI Romanian Xtreme Fighting 00202/25/2012

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